What is pickleball? Allow us to introduce you to the unique sport that although originated in the USA, has now travelled across the Atlantic to the UK.

The first game ever to be played was in 1965, as a substitute for badminton in an American back garden, using odd bits from around the house to serve (pun intended) as equipment.

Played on a badminton court with paddle bats and an air flow ball, it really is a sport accessible to most.

It draws on skills from badminton, tennis and table tennis and provides enormous amounts of enjoyment and amusement for all ages and abilities. Pickleball is one of the greatest activities that all the family can take part in and truly requires no prior participation or competence in order to give it a try.

Pickleball Scotland is a voluntary association with the intent of promoting and developing the sport in the country. World famous tennis player  and coach Judy Murray was announced as the ambassador of the sport in Scotland in early June this year.

Mhairi Adam, Chair of Pickleball Scotland spoke of how the organisation is “absolutely delighted to have Judy’s support. Her presence and encouragement will certainly help strengthen our sport’s presence.”

Pickleball Scotland has plans to take the sport across the country through the use of coach-development workshops and competitions on all levels.

One of the first major competitions this year will be the Scottish Open PickleBall Championships, which will take place on the 25th-28th August this year at Glasgow’s Scotstoun Leisure Centre.

The sport is incredibly easy to get involved in, as clubs are at most major leisure centres and participants are required to bring very little equipment.

Although some play to compete, many play casually and use it as a way of spending time with friends and family, whilst getting some movement in.

For more information on Pickleball Scotland and how to play, you can click here.

For a list of clubs, who play throughout Scotland, visit here.

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