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Blog 67: Equality in sport?

On September 9, 2021, the annual Scottish Women in Sport Conference will make a grand return after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets are still available to 'The 51% Club' where our speakers discuss why are there so few women in leadership roles in sport. While there might be few of them, our speaker, Clíona O'Leary clearly proves that women are powerful and knowledgeable in leadership positions and deserve a seat at the table. Working as the Head of TV Sport in RTÉ for 11 years now, Clíona has been a part of several conversations about equality,…
Eszter Tárnai
September 5, 2021

Blog 57: Women on the stands

Tuesday's defeat to Croatia and the subsequent end of Scotland's Euro 2020 journey has shaken the hopeful nation this week. To commemorate the historic return to the world's football stage, we are celebrating the fans whose unwavering support got the team this far. Unsurprisingly, football is the most popular sport in Scotland, so much so, that it is considered to be part of our culture itself. What you may not know is that, even though the key football demographic is diversifying, women still only take up 8% of the Scottish football audience, according to a 2017 SFSA (Scottish Football Supporters Association ) report.…
Eszter Tárnai
June 26, 2021