SW/S Digital Committee

Hannah Scott
Hannah is a freelancing journalist, writer and blogger, who joined the committee in 2021. Having graduated last year with a degree in Journalism, Hannah’s passion for sport and feminism is what makes her so keen to explore and write the stories of women in sport. 
In giving a platform to voice women’s issues in sports and writing about Scottish women in a range of sports, Hannah hopes to go on to cover Formula 1 and Tennis, whist still focusing on getting women into mainstream sports and having them heard and shown in the same regard to their male counterparts. 
You can find more of her work at HSBlogs, and in other UK publications. 
Abi Johnston

Abigail works as a Sports Coach and Sport Therapist, based out of her business (Barbreck Studio) in Glasgow's Southside, she also teaches workshops and coaches athletes throughout the UK and worldwide. She also utilises her previous experience in Graphic Design for her work with Scottish Women in Sport.

She has been competing internationally and coaching in her sport since 2012 and through her experience in the sporting environment has become a keen advocate for females as athletes, coaches and support staff, and in addition for sporting organisations to be inclusive and diverse at organisational levels.

With a background in STEM Abigail is particularly keen to see progress in the expansion of focus on females in the fields of research and practical application of performance and coaching sciences.

Morven Bruce

Morven joined the Digital Commitee in 2022 as a blogger, but has since gone on to assist SW/S in social media promotion of our events and management of the website.

She currently leads on Marketing & Communications at Triathlon Scotland and has a background in leisure management and sports events, having worked for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships and the 2016 European Curling Championships.

She has a passion for helping people to get active and has a particular interest in sport and female health, in particular pre- and post-partum exercise, having recently become a mum herself.

Sarah Morton

Sarah is a design engineer and ethnographer, and is based at the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre, at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Sport. She conducts research, teaching and intervention development to promote / increase uptake in physical activity, with a focus on doing so for physical, mental, and social health outcomes.

Much of Sarah’s outputs are public focused, and she uses a co-design approach, to ensure that everything she develops is done so with the end users in mind. Her work is published internationally, and includes books, academic publications, and blogs. Outside of research, Sarah is a qualified yoga teacher and cycle ride leader. In her spare time, she can be found outside in the hills or on the water – walking; horse riding; swimming; paddleboarding and cycling.

Sarah Webster

Originally from the Derbyshire Dales but now living permanently in Scotland, Sarah is a graduate of both University of Leeds and University of Stirling.

As a communications professional, Sarah has gained a broad range of experience through a wide variety of different marketing roles across several industries including luxury retail, hospitality, legal and corporate services, publishing and, most recently, sport; her current role is Marketing & Communications Officer at Scottish Golf.

Sarah’s first love in sport is swimming, having learned to swim from a young age. She also spent many of her teenage years as a member of her local lifesaving club and subsequently has a strong interest in water safety and first aid. She tap dances every week in Edinburgh, and over the years has enjoyed participating in netball and hockey.

Faatima Gardee

Faatima is a member of sportscotland’s Young People’s Sport Panel and is a student in her final year of school. She has a love for sport, writing and art. She was inspired to apply for sportscotland’s panel to represent her background, sporting communities and experiences, and raise the profile of Scottish sport. Growing up homeschooled, sport has always been a huge part of Faatima’s life. Her main sport is Cricket, which she plays at club, regional and national levels.

Due to cricket being traditionally perceived as male dominated, it can therefore seem daunting for girls to get involved, meaning it is often discounted along with countless amazing sports like it. Having experienced and witnessed this firsthand, Faatima joined Scottish Women in Sport to play a role in promoting the successes of women in sport, educating people about the ways sport can be made more accessible for women, and increasing female participation.

Emily Divine

Emily currently works at Cricket Scotland as their Disability Development Manager. As well as this, she recently launched her own sport consultancy that looks to help female athletes manage their own health and wellbeing in sport with a particular focus on the menstrual cycle and its influence.

She completed her Masters degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Stirling in 2023 and continues to utilise this in her practice with athletes. More recently she has taken to writing educational blogs and podcasts around the menstrual cycle in sport and will look to bring this expertise to SW/S.

Emily believes we need to speak to each other, educate ourselves, and allow women to have a voice to progress female sport. Her hope as a volunteer writer for SW/S is to be able to talk to, and share the stories from, women in Scottish sport and highlight female health in the process.