SW/S Digital Committee

Hannah Scott
Hannah is a freelancing journalist, writer and blogger, who joined the committee in 2021. Having graduated last year with a degree in Journalism, Hannah’s passion for sport and feminism is what makes her so keen to explore and write the stories of women in sport. 
In giving a platform to voice women’s issues in sports and writing about Scottish women in a range of sports, Hannah hopes to go on to cover Formula 1 and Tennis, whist still focusing on getting women into mainstream sports and having them heard and shown in the same regard to their male counterparts. 
You can find more of her work at HSBlogs, and in other UK publications. 
Colleen McCaskell

Colleen has been working in the digital marketing sector for nine years and specializes primarily in paid media, especially paid search and paid social.

She has a solid track record of creating cross-channels strategies for clients across numerous verticals and platforms with a particular focus on lead generation and long sales cycles.

In her free time, she enjoys training and competing in Olympic weightlifting.

Lauren Flack

Lauren is currently studying Sport and Recreation Management at the University of Edinburgh and particularly enjoy the marketing, digital and communication side of things. After joining the Digital team at Scottish Women in Sport in 2020, her interest in the study of gendered ideologies and their manifestation in sport has grown.

 She is passionate about expanding the diverse representation of females within the media, from grassroot to elite sport to increase awareness and encourage participation.

Lauren hopes to progress to work within this field, potentially in a management role, to push for equal privileges and exposure for females.   

In her spare time she participates in a range of sport from cheerleading to tennis, enjoys reading, watching any sport that’s on TV, and walking her dog.

Abi Johnston

Abigail works as a Sports Coach and Sport Therapist, based out of her business (Barbreck Studio) in Glasgow's Southside, she also teaches workshops and coaches athletes throughout the UK and worldwide. She also utilises her previous experience in Graphic Design for her work with Scottish Women in Sport.

She has been competing internationally and coaching in her sport since 2012 and through her experience in the sporting environment has become a keen advocate for females as athletes, coaches and support staff, and in addition for sporting organisations to be inclusive and diverse at organisational levels.

With a background in STEM Abigail is particularly keen to see progress in the expansion of focus on females in the fields of research and practical application of performance and coaching sciences.