Our vision 

A world where women and girls have equal and fair opportunities in sport.

Our mission

Through the power of sport, SW/S will work to impact on the culture of sport in Scotland to ensure that equality and parity are reached in every aspect of sport and that all women and girls have equal opportunity to participate, officiate, coach and lead.  


Judy Murray, Katherine Grainer and Elaine C Smith alongside a host of others, joined Maureen McGonigle and host Alison Walker for the press conference to announce the creation of the charity, Scottish Women in Sport, held at The Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

Launched in November 2013, the charity was founded and is led by Maureen McGonigle who has over twenty five years’ experience in sports administration.  She was spurred on by a report from the Commission on the Future of Women’s Sport showed that between January 2010 and August 2011:-

•             0.5% is the total market sponsorship of women’s sport in the UK

•             61.1% for mens sports over the same period

•             Mixed sports accounts for the remainder of the market.

Maureen is supported in this venture by a strong group of like-minded professionals involved in the administration, coaching, broadcasting and promotion of sport, as well as in the wider legal, business and commercial sectors.

Together they have a common goal to increase participation at all levels in sport and and work towards equality for women and girls in sport, through the various medium including the promotion of positive role models, sharing good practice and encouraging more media coverage and increased investment into women and girls in sport.