Blog 95: The Ruth Watson Effect

It's Volunteers week and we want to celebrate all the hard work they do. We talked to Ruth Watson of Aberdeen Amateur Athletics club on her achievements over the past few years and her SW/S volunteers award.
Hannah Scott
June 3, 2023

Blog 93: Yoga, the gateway to your Spiritual Journey.

Krystal began her daily yoga practice over five years ago, she's now a qualified instructor. We sat down to ask all about her journey into a spiritual lifestyle to get a better understanding of the joy and flexibility that practising yoga can bring you. So sit back and put your crystals out to charge up, it's a good one.
Hannah Scott
April 17, 2023
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91: ‘Girl Stuff’

Flashback to the 2022 Athletics European Championships, a visibly frustrated Dina Asher-Smith blamed “girl stuff” for her ‘poor’ performance. This comment made by one of the sport’s biggest names got people thinking - why if something that affects 50 per cent of elite athletes worldwide, is there not more research being done and why is menstruation still such a taboo topic? We caught up with one of the speakers from our 2022 conference, Dr Laura Forrest, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), to discuss her work in the field. After…
Morven Bruce
February 8, 2023

Blog 90: Your rundown on the SW/S 2022 Conference

You may have seen our last post that featured some of our speakers from this year's conference. But we couldn't not mention all the other excellent speakers imparting their wisdom on how technology can enhance women's sports. From Fanbase discussing how their app technology can give fans much broader access to a variety of sports and help clubs give their fans the best possible experience. To the entire room being completely dumbfounded by what the meta-verse is and how it can create a submersive experience in viewing sports. Our first speaker at the event was Jack McGill from QTV. They…
Hannah Scott
October 4, 2022