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Blog 64: Channel 4 takes us back to Tokyo

'It would be rude not to stare' say the billboards. 'To be a Paralympian, there has to be something wrong with you', say the adverts. Channel 4 are taking us back to Tokyo on 24th August - 5th September for the Paralympics and it's the biggest show yet. People with disabilities have been taking part in the Olympics since the 1948 London Olympics. German-British neurologist Dr. Guttmann started the Stoke Mandeville Games, that included ex-service men and women taking part in an archery competition. The first Paralympic Games took place in Rome in 1960. Featuring 400 athletes from 23 countries,…
Hannah Scott
August 13, 2021
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Blog 63: Goodbye, Tokyo!

Tokyo 2020 is finished. Let's recap the victories, controversies and notable moments from this unorthodox Olympics. From day one, Tokyo 2020 promised to be unlike any other previous Games with its empty stadiums, infamous cardboard beds and controversial costs. But as the days went along, more and more topics of conversation emerged, proving once again that the Olympic Games are more than a sporting event.   Scottish success Team GB placed fourth in the Olympic medal count this year, with 65 shiny, brand-new medals to add to the collection. Scottish athletes took home 16 medals, which is an outstanding contribution we…
Eszter Tárnai
August 10, 2021

Blog 59: Getting ready

In 13 days, Tokyo will capture the world's attention and the Olympic cauldron will finally be lit (however unconventionally) after a one-year delay. More than ten thousand athletes around the globe are getting ready for their time to shine after an incredibly challenging year.  To understand the sea of emotions and mountain of pressure they are under, Britain's joint most decorated female Olympian, former rower and current chair of UK Sport, Dame Katherine Grainger reminisces and gives advice to the new generation. She remembers having been a nervous, rosy-cheeked twenty-something 13 days before her Olympic debut, wondering what will happen. 'By now, pretty much all…
Eszter Tárnai
July 10, 2021