Blog 104: Sheila Swan, coach of the year.

Sheila Swan is a legend on and off the ice. She's lead coach for the British Curling Team and the 2023 SW/S Coach of the Year. We sat down with her and discussed how she became a coach and why she's so passionate about Curling.
Morven Bruce
December 2, 2023
Blogwater polo

Blog 103: Water Polo, how a Father’s legacy lives on.

Water Polo is making waves to ensure gender equality with the The Brian Macdonald Campbell Cup. It was first held in 2021 by three brothers to recognise the achievements and impact their father had in Scottish Water Polo. This year, they celebrate their first all-girls tournament that featured teams from across the UK. SW/S sat down with Ali Campbell to get the low-down on the most recent tournament and their plans for the future of the BMC Cup.
Hannah Scott
October 30, 2023

Blog 101: 10 years of SW/S, 10 years of progress?

It's been 10 years of Scottish Women in Sport, we start the celebrations with our 2023 Conference that will host a number of speakers discussing the change and evolution of media, representation, research and sponsorship in Scotland's sporting landscape in the last decade.
Hannah Scott
August 21, 2023

Blog 100: Powerful Women & the men backing them.

Breaking Barriers and Lifting Spirits: We spoke to some of the Scottish Women defying stereotypes and excelling in Power lifting. We also speak to previous SW/S award winner Mark Fulton about why it's important for men to encourage a safe space for women to train and compete in power lifting.
Hannah Scott
July 31, 2023

Blog 99: Survivor for Change

In today's blog we share the story of Miss J, a survivor and campaigner for ending gender-based violence in Scottish sports. She writes about her mission to make sure all sports clubs in Scotland have the guidance and knowledge to protect women and girls from harm.
Hannah Scott
July 23, 2023

Blog 98: Ladies open day at the Cricket

Emma Kennedy is a coach with Lifefit coaching but today is taking over the SW/S blog with her sister Cara to talk about their 6s Cricket day for women of all abilities to take part in on 23/07 - read on for all the info you'll need.
Hannah Scott
July 17, 2023

Blog 96: Forging a brighter road ahead for the Caledonia Gladiators

It's been a season of immense highs for the Caledonia Gladiators, on both the women’s and men’s side. The club created history-making moments that shone a spotlight brightly on the vibrant and growing Scottish basketball scene. A spotlight very rarely received for the sport. We sat down with Lisa Palombo, head of operations at the club to get the inside story of their big plans for the future of the club
Laura Kirkhouse
June 14, 2023

Blog 95: The Ruth Watson Effect

It's Volunteers week and we want to celebrate all the hard work they do. We talked to Ruth Watson of Aberdeen Amateur Athletics club on her achievements over the past few years and her SW/S volunteers award.
Hannah Scott
June 3, 2023