Blog 50: Active and inspired by sport – Deaf Awareness Week #DAW2021

It's Deaf Awareness Week 2021 (3-9 May), and the SW/S Blog is joining the efforts to raise awareness and promote equality. Did you know that in the UK, 1 in 6 adults face deafness or hearing loss? Yet despite being the second most common disability, the invisible nature of deafness makes it easy for the community to be overlooked or forgotten. Deaf sports, however, have a longstanding history. The first Deaflympics was organised in 1924 (36 years before the first official Paralympic Games) and is considered the second-oldest multi-sport event in history. 'The Deaflympic Games have been around for a long time and the history…

Blog 33: Danii Joyce S.W.I.S. Sportswoman of the Year 2015

I know it’s an old cliché, but life really is a rollercoaster.   I am so happy be involved in so much in the sport I love but at times I really was close to giving up. Although I am almost profoundly deaf now, I was not born that way.  At the age of 5 it was identified I had a moderate hearing loss which fortunately for me stayed pretty static through primary school and the start of secondary, so much so that I chose not to use a hearing aid as I was coping so well. I did though…