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Blog 73: Lucy Camlin & Balance.

Lucy Camlin, by day, she's a physio, and on the weekend's, she's representing Scotland in the Senior Hockey Women's Squad. Check out what she had to say about working throughout the pandemic & how she turned her fingers green to keep her fitness up.
Hannah Scott
October 24, 2021
SWIS Awards

Blog 72

The eighth SW/S is next month. And the nominations are open. Read about what the categories are, and hear from SW/S founder Maureen McGonigle about why this year's awards are so special.
Hannah Scott
October 8, 2021

Blog 66: Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of our Paralympic Heros. From Prosthetics to Frame Runners, it's not a 'one size fits all'. Check out what those researchers and engineering pioneers have to say.
Hannah Scott
August 28, 2021

Blog 64: Channel 4 takes us back to Tokyo

'It would be rude not to stare' say the billboards. 'To be a Paralympian, there has to be something wrong with you', say the adverts. Channel 4 are taking us back to Tokyo on 24th August - 5th September for the Paralympics and it's the biggest show yet. People with disabilities have been taking part in the Olympics since the 1948 London Olympics. German-British neurologist Dr. Guttmann started the Stoke Mandeville Games, that included ex-service men and women taking part in an archery competition. The first Paralympic Games took place in Rome in 1960. Featuring 400 athletes from 23 countries,…
Hannah Scott
August 13, 2021
MarathonOlympicsScottish Women in Tokyo

Blog 62: Get in the Zone

"For me, it's not about pumping really loud music, it’s more about being relaxed and embracing those nerves. Seeing them more as adrenaline and something that will spur you on. You have those nerves because you care."  Stephanie Davis, is competing in the Marathon in the 2021 Olympics for Team GB, she shared with us at SWIS, her story.  The Olympics trials were suppose to be part of the London Marathon in 2020, which for obvious reasons didn't go ahead, meaning Steph was forced to do her try-out, behind closed doors. Talk about pressure (spoiler: she made it): "Covid has…
Hannah Scott
July 30, 2021
By Hannah Scott

Blog 56: How are you keeping fit this summer?

This summer it might be part of your plan to work on your fitness but the gyms are too crowded, and let’s not beat around the bush here but memberships can get pricey especially if you’re only doing it for show and don’t really plan to ever use it... Do not fear, for I have the answer! The couch to 5K app is available for free on all devices. A running tool really, it is a ‘nine-week’ programme that might take you that amount of time to complete, but could take much longer. For myself I completed it whilst writing…
Hannah Scott
June 19, 2021