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Blog 85: An introduction to Pickleball

What is pickleball? Allow us to introduce you to the unique sport that although originated in the USA, has now travelled across the Atlantic to the UK. The first game ever to be played was in 1965, as a substitute for badminton in an American back garden, using odd bits from around the house to serve (pun intended) as equipment.Played on a badminton court with paddle bats and an air flow ball, it really is a sport accessible to most. It draws on skills from badminton, tennis and table tennis and provides enormous amounts of enjoyment and amusement for all…
Freya Watt
July 14, 2022

Blog 82: Aimi Kenyon, her first season in The Downhill Mountainbike World Cup.

We have another of our new writers with us this week. We move up North, to Aberdeenshire, where Freya is from. Still at school, Freya has been involved in sports from a young age. She loves the outdoors and the opportunity to enjoy it, whilst growing up in rural Aberdeenshire. SW/S allows her to combine both her love of sports and writing to help make a positive difference in the world of women’s sport. In Lourdes, France, March 26-27th 2022, it’s the beginning of the 2022 UCI Downhill Mountainbike World Cup season. And the first season of racing for 16…
Freya Watt
May 31, 2022